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Urban Vegetable Garden, Tower Garden Condos
Are you in a condo or apartment and looking to grow some of your own food? 
Maybe you're on an island, or a balcony, or one of 20 other places not typically ideally for growing?

The Tower Garden can help you grow virtually anywhere, so what are you waiting for?

This is a great place to start for urban vegetable gardening! Tower Gardens grow up instead of out.  So if you have nine square feet (3'x3') and a desire to grow your own food you can be harvesting in as little time as a month and then constantly throughout the year, even in the winter.  

There are a few extra points to consider when growing in your condo. Check out our instagram or facebook for more tips.
For more information about these awesome growing systems please see visit the corporate Tower Garden Website

If you are not sure if a Tower Garden is for you please Contact Us