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All About our Gardens

backyard vegetable garden
Summer Garden
backyard four season vegetable garden
Four Season Garden

If you want to grow fresh, local, organic vegetables, all you need is a backyard vegetable garden from At Home Organic Farms.


Sustainably harvested Cedar

Our gardens are built using Canadian cedar purchased from local suppliers.  Cedar has naturally occurring preservative oils and a scent that makes it naturally bug and rot resistant. Further, cedar does not expand and contract much over the seasons which means your garden lasts longer, looks newer and functions better than gardens built from other woods.  Cedar will not warp or crack as easily. 


We do not treat our cedar to ensure no chemicals leech into your backyard vegetable garden or your plants.  Cedar will age beautifully into a silvery gray colour, and will last five to ten years on average.


Local Soil

Each garden is filled with a soil mix from a local supplier.  The soil has been designed for vegetable gardens and formulated for maximum root growth and water holding capacity for healthy strong plants. 


Raised Bed Gardens

We build and install raised gardens for many reasons.  Raised gardens have better drainage, warm up faster, stay warmer longer and are easier to garden around.  They are also more conducive for fencing to protect from furry vegetarians.  


Winter Gardens (Four Season Garden)

Our winter garden kits are also made from cedar and use lexan windowns to protect from the snow and wind. 


For pricing or to order a custom built garden for your backyard, please contact us.