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We love our Tower Garden and we also love growing our own food where we get to the variety of heirloom variety of lettuce we get to harvest. 

We offer all sorts of different herbs, greens and plants for the Tower. We sell seedlings for your Tower Garden and always have a rotating stock of what's available.  Please contact us for your own custom mix of delicious herbs or veggies today. 

We sell our seedlings $2 each 20 for $30 and 28 for $40 plus HST and shipping. 

Our favourite plant at the moment is Purple Peacock Broccoli - which is a super yummy product that is certified organic - it's a Kale and Broccoli that has the best of both plants. 

Our favourite herb is honey melon sage - smells like HoneyDew melon but is savoury like sage.

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TG - Genovese Basil

TG - Dill 
TG - PP Broccoli

TG - Red Mist Lettuce

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